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This scene. It kills me. Every single time.

There aren’t that many films with father/daughter themes that can approach what happens in this scene alone.

I met the director and tried to explain to him how important this scene was to me, and he told me he was a fan of my work and I swear, I nearly died on the spot.

PLUS he drew me a Mushu!

When I watched this scene again recently, it meant so much more to me because I understood it more. Even further, my dad is very much like this, if not more. There is a reason Mulan is one of my favorites.

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I am a feminist. I reject wholeheartedly the way we are taught to perceive women…the beauty of women, how a woman should act, or behave. Women are strong and fragile. Women are beautiful and ugly. We are soft-spoken and loud. All at once. There is something mind controlling about the way we’re taught to view women. And my work is, both visually and musically, a rejection of all those things. So perhaps we can make women’s rights trendy.

- Lady Gaga on Feminism [x]

yet social justice bloggers take one thing she said about feminism out of context and still rip her to shreds over it to this day

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